Eugene Soh
Puppy Poop Run | Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experience is a virtual gallery built on a multi-player gaming platform, where visitors are able to interact with each other on the site in real time, regardless of their locations in the world. In this Virtual Reality installation, participants will play as a puppy running around a virtual reality house with other players as other puppies, and at the same time think about the nuances of and interactions between rich digital and physical worlds.
Eugene Soh a.k.a. DUDE is a computer programming genius who accidentally became an artist when his photographic piece, contextualizing Da Vinci’s Last Supper in a local hawker centre setting, surfaced on social media. That discovery, with its tongue-in-cheek commentary on contemporary life in Singapore, catapulted him into the art world. He has since been a full time artist who codes really well.